Hey everyone! I created this page to share some of the resources I use and find most valuable. I recommend all of these resources and depending on your goals, you may also find them extremely useful. I will continue to add to this page, so be sure to bookmark it. God bless you! -Ryan

My Most Recommended


How to make a Website / Blog

Start your website or blog today!HostMonster: The first step in creating a website or blog is registering your domain and hosting it. I use HostMonster for all my websites and I love them! They make everything extremely easy and they have 1-click automatic WordPress installation for your website or blog. Click this link to start your own website or blog!


Get Divi as the theme for your WordPress website or blog!ElegantThemes: Elegant Themes is home to my favorite WordPress theme: Divi. I use Divi for this website and for many others. It’s extremely flexible and has the best drag-and-drop interface builder I have ever seen on a theme. I highly recommend Divi as your go-to theme. Click here to see the power of Divi and use it for your website!


shopify-logoShopify: Create an Online Store without any of the hassle. Shopify is the easiest way to sell your products online without any programming knowledge. They take all the pain away from the setup process so that you can just get to selling. Click this link to see how easy it is!



Aweber: Send emails to your list and broadcast your blog! Aweber is awesome and makes email marketing & blog broadcasting easy!

Books & Audiobooks

Audiobooks: I am a HUGE audiobook fan! I love listening to audiobooks while I drive. I subscribe to Audible.com (by Amazon) and try to listen to at least a audiobook a week. I usually bounce back and forth between Christian books and entrepreneurial business books. Click here to download your first audiobook!

Devotionals: 9 Devotionals Every Christian MUST Read


Design Apps

phonto-Text-on-Image-app-storePhonto: This is the mobile app I use the most for creating wallpapers, images and sharable original content. It’s a great app with tons of fonts, photo filters, and able to export images in multiple different sizes. It's also my favorite app to make any graphic, quote image, etc. It's free and a must have! Click here to download it!


PicLab-HD-Design-Studio-app-storePicLab HD: This is another amazing design app with tons of options. You can add text, artwork, FX, filters and more to your images. It has great blending features and you can also bend the text for nice effects. You can create image from scratch and if you only buy one design app, this should be it! Click here to download it!


Mextures-app-app-store-logoMextures: My favorite texture effects app. You can add tons of film grain, textures, light leaks, gradients and more to your images. It's easy to start with a black image, apply many textures to it and end up with an awesome background. You can create formulas that you re-use over and over again. Click here to download it!


Word-Swag-Cool-fonts-typography-generator-creative-quotes-and-text-over-pic-editorWord Swag: One of my favorite typography apps. This app is great for creating cool looking quote images automatically. You bring the quote, Word Swag makes it look awesome. Get it! Click here to download it!



Devotional Apps

Purpose Driven Life: I love this app and the content. It’s a video devotional with 42 video chapter summaries from Pastor Rick Warren. This app is a great way to re-purpose the content of Rick Warren’s 32 million copy bestseller. This is great for anyone who needs to find their purpose, the purpose that God has for you. Click here to download the app!


Jesus Calling: This is the app version of Sarah Young’s popular devotional. This devotional app is typically the #1 Book App in the App Store’s “book” category and is one of my favorite devotionals of all time. Written from Jesus' perspective, not meant to replace Scripture, but to encourage and promote communion with the Lord. Check it out! Click here to download the app!


Joyce Meyer Ministries: I’m a huge fan of Joyce Meyer’s ministry and her practical teachings for everyday life. This app gives you access to a daily devotional, audio and video teachings and more. Plus, it’s free! It's a “no brainer” download and it's also available for iPads. Click here to download the app!



Battlefield of the Mind Devotional: This is the devotional is based off of my favorite book about how to control your mind. Joyce Meyer does a fantastic job explaining what the Bible says about our minds and the spiritual battle. Click here to download the app!




Bible Study apps

The Bible app: This is the Bible app I use the most. It was created by the amazing people at LifeChurch.tv and is an great labor of love. It is free to us, but it has cost thousands, if not millions of dollars to create over the years. LifeChurch.tv has put the Word of God in everyone’s pocket via their mobile apps. Click here to download the app!


The Bible Study app: Another great Bible app that includes a library of available commentaries, maps and dictionaries. There is a built-in store that allows you to purchase many other books that aid in your research of the Bible. This Bible is definitely worth the investment and great to have in your “Bible Study” folder on your phone. Click here to download the app!


Blue Letter Bible: If you are a serious Bible student, this app is for you. It is the only Bible that I know of that easily gives you access to Greek and Hebrew lexicons, so that you can see exactly what a Greek or Hebrew words means. It also gives you access to the Strong’s numbering system and teaches you how to pronounce Greek and Hebrew words. Click here to download the app!



How to manage all your social media accounts

HootSuite: I use HootSuite every day and it saves me SO MUCH time! It allow you to manage your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, etc) all in one place. One of the biggest things that I love about it is, it allows me to schedule my Facebook and Twitter posts. I can schedule an entire weeks worth of posts if I want to, which helps me un-glue myself from my phone and Macbook Pro. Click here to see all the features and get started for FREE.

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, in which I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals. God bless you! 

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